Robroy Stainless™ Hygienic Conduit Body
Hygienic Conduit Body Drawing


A: FDA Compliant blue (non-food color) silicone gasket with mechanical stops guarantees optimized compression for environmental ratings.

B: Center aligned threading of conduit and circular gasket ensures environmental and safety rating conformance of installed system.

C: Specially designed captive screw retention and gasket system eliminates risk of ingress and contamination.

D: Oxidative Thermo Process marking permanently marks product with no surface degradation, paper labels or stamped surfaces maximizing hygienic benefit.

  • Overall sealed system with a high degree of ingress protection against dust and high pressure / high temperature spray for added safety and sanitation within plant operations.
  • Patented hygienic designed conduit body and cover maximizes cleanability and minimizes contaminate buildup of installed system.